Internet Explorer 8 is now fully supported for Microsoft CRM 4.0

IE* now "fully supports" Microsoft CRM.  See what I did there? Argh, I give up.
"Fully supported"? See what I did there? Argh, I give up.

Microsoft apparently overcame its Beta version problems with Microsoft CRM, and released a fully supported version of Internet Explorer 8.  Download it at the link below!

My thanks to Matt at ICU MSCRM Blog for confirming its compatibility.  The beta version of IE8 would break the CRM workflow configuration screen, thereby making my job a lot more difficult.

6 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 8 is now fully supported for Microsoft CRM 4.0

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble; however, I have 2 PC’s. One is running IE 7 and the other is running IE8(just downloaded) – both are Windows XP machines.

    The IE7 PC is quick and responsive – not the case with IE8. From a user’s standpoint, it is an out and out DOG. Browser crashing regular, etc. Simply not useable.

    We just purchased CRM 4.0 and going through the motions now. It looks like one of the corporate requirements will be “do not install IE 8”.

    Do you have a better plan?

  2. Gary,

    Sorry to hear about your IE8 problems. Honestly, I’m using it now on two machines (XP and Win 7 RC1) and I don’t have any of those issues you’ve listed. Is it just with CRM, or all browsing in particular? I’ve heard some people are having major issues with IE8, but most have no complaints.

    I suspect that an upgrade of IE8 on a new install of XP would perform better for you. In any case, IE7 is still a decent and supported browser so there’s no worries for now!


  3. Hi dude,

    May I know whether IE 8 is fully supported also for Microsoft CRM 3.0?
    It is because my customer facing a lot of IE 7 hang issues when running MSCRM 3.0, and this hang issue never happened before when using IE 6.

    Thus, I’m thinking to suggest my customer to upgrade to IE 8.
    Any suggestion?

  4. Hi Christian,

    Thanks a lot for the information.

    That means I just need to upgrade the IE to IE 8 without installing any hotfix?
    It is because my customer is using MSCRM 3.0 with latest update rollup 3.


  5. Steve,

    As long as you have the last Update Rollup 3 for the server and client, I think you should be fine hotfix-wise. Sounds like the problem lies with Internet Explorer at the workstation level. Try to isolate the problem and see if it happens on some or all workstations.

    While an upgrade to IE8 is still recommended, try resetting the Internet Explorer browser settings to see if that fixes the issue (link below). Make sure you also have the correct Trusted Sites settings as well. Finally, make sure the workstation has all the latest updates.

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