Check which Update Rollup version is installed on your CRM environments

NOTE: The build list below was updated as of May 2011.

I recently had to check my CRM enviroments to make sure they’re updated to the latest Update Rollup version (currently #9, on Feb 2010). From experience, all I needed to do was:

  • Browse to the CRM website.
  • Click on the “Help” button on the top right side of the window.
  • Click on “About Microsoft Dynamics CRM”
  • Get the build number displayed.

Now that I have the build number, I can compare it to the latest list of Update Rollup build numbers. The nice thing about this screen is that it’ll post your CRM Outlook Client build version as well.  See the screenshot below for an example.  I have Update Rollup 9 on the CRM Server, but I have Update Rollup 7 on the Outlook Client.

CRM Help - Build Version

Thanks to David Vidmar at Bite my Bytes blog, I can repost a section of his very useful build version chart below.

Version Build Number Released on
RTM 4.0.7333.3 12/19/2007
Update Rollup 1 4.0.7333.1113 11/24/2008
Update Rollup 2 4.0.7333.1312, 4.0.7333.1316 1/15/2009, 2/8/2009
Update Rollup 3 4.0.7333.1408 3/12/2009
Update Rollup 4 4.0.7333.1551 5/7/2009
Update Rollup 5 4.0.7333.1644, 4.0.7333.1645 7/2/2009
Update Rollup 6 4.0.7333.1750 9/27/2009
Update Rollup 7 4.0.7333.2138 10/22/2009
Update Rollup 8 4.0.7333.2542 12/17/2009
Update Rollup 9 4.0.7333.2644 2/11/2010
Update Rollup 10 4.0.7333.2741 4/8/2010
Update Rollup 11 4.0.7333.2861 6/25/2010
Update Rollup 12 4.0.7333.2935 8/2/2010
Update Rollup 13 4.0.7333.3018 9/23/2010
Update Rollup 14 4.0.7333.3135 11/18/2010
Update Rollup 15 4.00.7333.3231 1/13/2011
Update Rollup 16 4.00.7333.3335 4/10/2011
Update Rollup 17 4.00.7333.3414 5/9/2011

For more technical details on the version numbers of the various Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 components, please see the Microsoft KB #946594 Article.

12 Responses to Check which Update Rollup version is installed on your CRM environments


    I would like to have some guideline with updates my CRM Server 4.0, currently we are running on RTM, and I would like to update with Rollup 10. How can I do that and what is the prerequisite. Thanks

  2. Stephen, I believe that on your CRM Server you can jump from RTM to Update Rollup 10 directly. However, it’s different for the Outlook Client and Data Migration Manager. You’ll need to install Update Rollup 7 first, then bump it to UR10.

    Make sure you check out the documentation at this link. Hope this helps.


    Update Rollup 13 – 4.0.7333.3018


    how to check rollup 8 files are installed during updating to roll up 13


    Rollup 15 is out. Highly recommended for those of you who haven’t upgraded.


    Rollup 15 – 4.0.7333.3231


    Why not put Rollups 13 through 17 on this, too?

    Thanks for the info.

  9. ATrober,

    Thanks for prompting me to update this list, it needed a refresher. It should be updated now to UR 17.


    Do you have this for CRM 2011 ???


    Our CRM environment has Rollup 16 installed from the build number

    However, some of our users are still receiving a pop up to install CRM 4.0 Rollup 16 updates even though it is already installed. When they click to update they receive and error saying “Untrusted Update” and that is as far as they get. Any recommendations for a fix, or how to stop this box from popping up?


  12. Mike,

    Unfortunately I don’t know a solution off the bat regarding the Untrusted Update error. Did you make sure to update both the server AND the Outlook Client for these users? Are they logging in remotely, or on the office LAN? Please see the below link for some possible clues:


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