CRM 2011 Beta - I'm ready!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s next generation is here! CRM 2011 Beta Online and On-Premise available worldwide today

It’s a wonderful day in the #MSDYNCRM world. 

Microsoft promised and delivered today the Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta version, available Online and On-Premise!  Check out for videos and highlights, as well as the official announcement to see for yourself.  If you didn’t attend the “First Look at CRM 2011” webcast on September 7th, I’d highly recommend you view it.

This Beta release is also getting some media attention!  Check out a few interesting articles below.

In the next coming months, my pledge to you will be to start highlighting all the new Beta features and tips here at this CRM blog.  Feel free to contact me if you have a special request or question regarding the new Beta, and I’ll be sure to cover it for you.  :-)

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