Personal Update

Hey, what happened here?!?

Hi folks!  So there was a mix-up with my (now former) web host.  Now I’m in the painful process of restoring my CRM blog back to its former glorious self again.

If you are looking for the Dynamics CRM Wireframe Template, please see this linked post.

I hope to have this site back up soon, definitely within the next few weeks.  Please check back later, I hope to have more content with Dynamics CRM 2016 around the corner!

Hope to see you again soon,
-Christian Espinoza

Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions

Legacy free icon solution for CRM 2011 (in case you needed it)

This post is purely for those that need a copy of the “” solution that I had shared on this site free years ago, specifically for Dynamics CRM 2011.

This may be needed for some of you out there that are seeking to upgrade your CRM system, but are encountering legacy solution management issues.  Please note there will be no update to this solution in the future.  All the best!