Author: Christian

Designing the right Security Model for Dynamics CRM

Whatever you do, don’t end up like the Death Star architect when designing the CRM Security model.  Running with this analogy regarding a space-wizards movie in a galaxy far, far away, it’s important to avoid giving any pesky rebel user the equivalent of an open exhaust port into your CRM system. Dynamics CRM is designed […]

Hey, what happened here?!?

Hi folks!  So there was a mix-up with my (now former) web host.  Now I’m in the painful process of restoring my CRM blog back to its former glorious self again. If you are looking for the Dynamics CRM Wireframe Template, please see this linked post. I hope to have this site back up soon, definitely […]

Legacy free icon solution for CRM 2011 (in case you needed it)

This post is purely for those that need a copy of the “” solution that I had shared on this site free years ago, specifically for Dynamics CRM 2011. Download the file here! This may be needed for some of you out there that are seeking to upgrade your CRM system, but are encountering legacy solution management […]

Wireframe Template for Dynamics CRM 2015, free to use. Now with Dashboards!

An update to this blog has been looong overdue.  In came the new year, along with a brand new Dynamics CRM version.  So, what better way to kick it off than to post an update to the Wireframe Template! This new version has been updated for Dynamics CRM 2015.  More importantly, however, I’ve now added the ability to […]

Dynamics CRM 2013 wireframe model template, free to use

Please see this post for the latest version of this wireframe template! Almost every single project I’ve been on requires some proof-of-concept visuals to help win acceptance from the client. It also helps generate some excitement about the end results.  Of course, new implementations based on the latest 2013 version of Dynamics CRM are no […]

The “definitive” CRM 2011 Update Rollup build list

Looking for a comprehensive list of CRM 2011 build versions? Look no further, Microsoft has graciously provided the list for all of us. Bookmark the below link! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 updates and hotfixes The build list, as of October 2013: Article number Article title Release date Version 2434455 How to obtain the setup […]