Wireframe Template for Dynamics CRM 2015, free to use. Now with Dashboards!

An update to this blog has been looong overdue.  In came the new year, along with a brand new Dynamics CRM version.  So, what better way to kick it off than to post an update to the Wireframe Template!

This new version has been updated for Dynamics CRM 2015.  More importantly, however, I’ve now added the ability to fashion a Dashboard wireframe. This was the most requested feature since the previous version I posted a year ago.

A short list of the new updates and features below.Visio-Professional_2015-02-08_21-15-48[1]Dashboards - Wireframe Template for CRM 2015

  • Updated top Nav Bar on all tabs to match Dynamics CRM 2015 appearance.
  • All files are now Visio 2010 compatible.
  • *NEW!* Dashboards tab
    • Click on the Dashboard tab to view.
    • Pie charts, Bar Graphs, and Line Graphs all leverage Visio functionality.
    • Edit the properties of the chart to configure according to your design.

To download and use this template:

  1. Download the ZIP file at this link.
  2. To extract, enter the password: crmdynamo.com
  3. Open the file labeled “CRM 2015 Wireframes template (Visio 2010)” in Visio or other compatible editor.
  4. Add the attached stencils as needed to aid your design.

Please let me know your feedback on this new version by adding a comment below.  Feel free to use it and make it your own, but I’d greatly appreciate a link back to this very post should you share it.  Enjoy! :-)

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